Day 14

Still no response from The Jonas Brothers, Jay-Z’s Team Roc, and other social justice organizations…

On Behalf of Officer Joseph Mensah, published an open letter demanding answers from: The Jonas Brothers, Jay-Z’s Team Roc, Until Freedom, and Gathering for Justice to explain their demands to have Officer Joseph Mensah fired and prosecuted for his encounters with dangerous “men of color.”

They have yet to reply.

Escalating “Silence”

Since making their demands to fire and prosecute Officer Mensah, protesters have swarmed Officer Mensah’s family.

A glimpse of what failed political leadership looks like.

A swarm of protesters driving outside a family residence of Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah in Wisconsin. Copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

Police Are The Public; The Public Are The Police

If the actions against Officer Mensah seem uncivilized, there’s a reason for it. And it has to do with forgetting that police officers are also members of the community, which is one of the founding principles of modern law enforcement dating back to 1829. One of “Peele’s Principles” explains that law enforcement must “maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police.”

The mayor and other Wauwatosa city officials seem to have forgotten this principle. And allowing “social justice” protesters to harass Officer Mensah—and terrify children in his family—suggests that even if they remember, they don’t seem to care.

Obviously, city officials are not adequately protecting Officer Mensah who is a public servant, and a member of the public. And it seems they’ve forgotten about maintaining “historic tradition” for the sake of creating a “social justice” illusion.

“Community” or Hypocrisy?

Indeed, the actions of Wauwatosa mayor Dennis McBride, the Wauwatosa Police & Fire Commission, and other city officials seem as controversial as they are confusing.

For example, Alderperson Heather Kuhl (who is white) was the first to demand the firing of Officer Mensah. In an e-mail she requested to be added to the public agenda, she mentioned the “racist history” of Wauwatosa.

Kuhl also claimed that “as long as Joseph Mensah is representing the city of Wauwatosa and our Police Department, we cannot purport to have any serious conversations about repairing the damage of our past and committing to building a community that is inclusive for all.”

According to her own words, Kuhl,—a white city official—believes that firing Officer Mensah—a black officer—will help in “building a community that is inclusive for all.”

The hypocrisy should seem blatantly obvious.

Prejudice: Alive and Well in Wauwatosa?

And obviously, so-called “social justice” activists, attorneys, celebrities, and city officials assumed that Officer Mensah was white.

They were outspoken in their demands—but remain silent in admitting their mistakes.

Or perhaps their demands to prosecute an “officer of color” for defending himself against armed “men of color” is some new form of white-privileged Uncle-Tom activism that the rest of America has yet to learn about.

Whatever perversion of “social justice” this may be, the prejudice and hypocrisy of it all is quite clear. And now it has hit home for Officer Mensah and his family.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that the Jonas Brothers, Jay-Z’s Team Roc, and other social justice organizations will “do the right thing” and respond to the open letter. We await their reply for the sake of Officer Mensah, his fellow (black) officers, and the rest of America.

They have yet to respond.

But we’ll keep you posted…

If you can read the Twitter tweets below, it’s a sign that the Jonas Brothers, Team Roc, and others have yet to correct their own prejudice and past mistakes.