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Officer Joseph Mensah

Alderperson Heather Kuhl Resigns

Wauwatosa Alderperson Heather Kuhl has resigned. She was the first politician to formally demand the firing of Officer Joseph Mensah. Aside from her hypocrisy—and maintaining a secret, vulgar Twitter account—she wanted to fire Officer Mensah to somehow fix the “racist history” of Wauwatosa.

Wisconsin Right Now:

Jospeh Mensah Should NOT Be Fired. Here’s Why.

D.A. Clears Officer Mensah

On October 7, 2020, the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm accounced that criminal charges will not be filed against Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah relating to the officer-involved shooting incident that occurred on February 2, 2020.

See the evidence and watch the D.A.’s review of the case:

On August 8, 2020, Officer Mensah was attacked at home by BLM protesters—including one who fired a shotgun.

Officer Mensah discusses the ordeal on Fox News, August 12, 2020.

“Peaceful” protesters admitted to vandalizing the residence, and firing a shotgun.

Three arrests have been made.

The Back Story…

Protesters wanted him fired.
Now they’ve fired at him…

Despite so-called eye-witness claims, including the claim that the protest was “peaceful,”, three people have since been arrested in connection with the shotgun blast that narrowly missed Officer Mensah outside his residence.

According to a Wisconsin Public Radio article, a BLM leader in the Milwaukee area admitted that BLM protesters went to residence of Officer Mensah and his girlfriend to vandalize it.

This is the same Officer Mensah that Black Lives Matter protestors and “social justice” organizations — including Jay-Z’s Team Roc — have demanded to be “fired from the police force immediately.”

In a full-page newspaper ad, Team Roc and other organizations also demanded that Officer Mensah be prosecuted because he “shot and killed THREE men of color.”

The Jonas Brothers have even jumped on the band wagon demanding that Officer Mensah be prosecuted.

White Officials Want a Black Officer Fired to Fix “Racist History”?

Alderperson Kuhl (who is white) was the first to demand the firing of Officer Mensah. In an e-mail she requested to be made public, Kuhl stated that “Last year, Wauwatosa acknowledged our racist history…” She then argued that “as long as Joseph Mensah is representing the city of Wauwatosa and our Police Department, we cannot purport to have any serious conversations about repairing the damage of our past and committing to building a community that is inclusive for all.” Sign the petition to remove Alderperson Kuhl.

Obviously, a few obvious facts may have been overlooked…

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Facts matter.

Of course facts matter. But social media mobs — and others who react before they think — don’t seem to care about the facts, the truth, or even justice.

In the aftermath of a social media witch hunt, Officer Mensah has been convicted in the court of news and social media. His character and reputation have been severely damaged in hundreds of questionable articles.

A Black Officer Condemned by Black Lives Matter for “Shooting Men of Color”—And Suspended by an All-white Commission

Black Lives Matter protesters rallied against Officer Mensah for killing “men of color”—even though Officer Mensah is obviously an officer “of color.”

And if that weren’t enough hypocrisy, Officer Mensah was suspended by an all-white city commission.

However, despite the nonsense and hypocrisy, the facts clearly vindicate Officer Mensah’s actions.

Three Weapons, Three Shootings

Many police officers may never have to face a deadly force encounter during their careers. Other officers are less fortunate. And in three separate incidents, Officer Mensah encountered individuals armed with deadly weapons:

Police Commands Were Ignored

There’s another set of facts many are trying to hide or ignore: each of the armed individuals Officer Mensah encountered refused to drop their deadly weapons or otherwise follow repeated police commands.

The Shootings Were Justified

Officer Mensah’s First Encounter with a Deadly Weapon

After investigating the first incident in 2015, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office ruled that Officer Mensah was justified in using deadly force to defend himself against deadly force. Officer Mensah—and another officer—both fired their weapons. And Officer Mensah received a Medal of Valor for his actions.

This incident was investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Wauwatosa Police Department.

Second Encounter with a Deadly Weapon

After investigating the second incident in 2016, the district attorney’s office ruled that Officer Mensah was justified. The United States Attorney’s Office for Eastern Wisconsin also reviewed the case for potential civil rights violations—and found none.

And as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, officials from the U.S. Department of Justice said, “there are a number of pieces of evidence that corroborate Mensah’s version of the events leading to the shooting. The DOJ said police found the gun on the front passenger seat and that Anderson’s DNA was later found on the gun”—and that the individual “kept reaching for it despite the officer’s command not to do so.”

Third Encounter with a Deadly Weapon

The third incident, which occurred in February 2020, has yet to be officially determined. However, even though the district attornye has yet to complete the investigation—city politicans have demanded that Officer Mensah be fired immediately.

And after the urging of Alderperson Kuhl and not having all the facts or the results of the district attorney’s investigation, the Police and Fire Commission has suspended Officer Mensah—without any explanation whatsoever.

The National Fraternal Order of Police & The WPOA Stand with Officer Mensah

The Wauwatosa Peace Officers Association and the National Fraternal Order of Police support Officer Mensah—and have denounced the actions that city officials have taken. And they are fighting back to protect Officer Mensah’s right to due process.

Kindly Donate

You can help. Please help fight back against the social media mobs, the misinformed anti-police rhetoric, and cancel-culture run amok. If you can, all donations will go directly to help Officer Mensah obtain legal counsel to defend himself against defamation, prepare evidence, and fight what will likely be a long and difficult legal battle. Donations will also help repair the damage to the residence from the shotgun blast, broken window, and vandalism, and help Officer Mensah relocate to escape the so-called “peaceful” protesters who have harrassed him, defamed him, and gathered outside his residence with a shotgun.

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“Silence Causes Violence”

The Jonas Brothers, Jay-Z’s Team Roc and other so-called social justice organizations—have yet to respond to the open letter seeking answers for condemning Officer Mensah. Instead of responding to the letter and the facts, Team Roc tried to buy billboard advertising claiming that “Officer Mensah must be held accountable.” However, the advertising agency refused to post this billboard and another one that Team Roc tried to buy.

An Attorney Criticizes Support for Black Officer, Calls Him A “Living Martyr”

The Dan O’Donnell Show

Listen to Dan the interview with Officer Mensah on The Dan O’Donnell Show on iHeart Radio. O’Donnell called Officer Mensah’s situation “utter insanity.”

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